What we see changes the world!

Seeco Media USA Inc was established in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seeco Media (China), it is aimed at building the strategical existence of Seeco Media in the vast US market. Its innovation will reshape the way of mobile advertising by eliminating many intermediate steps. It combines all its resources including SeeDream TM mobile advertising platform, SeeDream TM mobile online store, outdoor digital billboards, and free WIFI points to deliver advertiser’s brand and product information directly to the consumers on all screens using every possible method. The company is built on the fundamental concept of “new media, new business, new wealth”, with emphasis on the new mobile media platforms to bring the advertisers and consumers together to form the new business and wealth circle. In this internet and mobile era, Seeco Media USA places its focus on big data, analytics, and precise advertising. It tailors the advertisements using analytics and machine learning algorithms in order to perfectly suit consumer’s individual needs and at the same time enhance advertiser’s conversion rate. Together with our partners, advertisers, and consumers, we hope to “see” the great opportunities ahead of us and move forward to embrace them. The world is different because we “see”, what we “see” changes the world!


Seeco Media USA is located in the greater Boston area - one of the strongest technology innovation engines of the United States. Many world famous technology companies have their offices in this area, for example, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, EMC, HP, Dell, Amazon, etc. Many technology start-ups also choose to locate here to take advantage of the abundant technical resources. This area also attracts the brightest young minds to its best-of-the-breed universities such as Harvard and MIT.